Required for elongation step of DNA replication. Linked to DNA polymerase delta function and Okazaki fragment processing.




Molecular weight

58.0 kDa

Biochemical properties




Protein interactions


Dna2 (1)

•PCNA (PCNA interaction domain) and rfc (1)

• RFC (1)

• mcm2 4 10 (1)

•ScDna2 (2)

Pol3, Cdc27 (pol delta subunits (3)

•ck1 (1)

•pole ( no effect d) (1)

•Pfh1 (4)






Cellular location and expression


Other comments





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15 April 08



1.    Tanaka,H., Tanaka,K., Murakami,H. and Okayama,H. (1999) Fission yeast cdc24 is a replication factor C- and proliferating cell nuclear antigen-interacting factor essential for S-phase completion. Mol Cell Biol 19, 1038-1048.

2.    Gould,K.L., Burns,C.G., Feoktistova,A., Hu,C.P., Pasion,S.G. and Forsburg,S.L. (1998) Fission yeast cdc24(+) encodes a novel replication factor required for chromosome integrity. Genetics 149, 1221-1233.

3.    Tanaka,H., Ryu,G.H., Seo,Y.S. and MacNeill,S.A. (2004) Genetics of lagging strand DNA synthesis and maturation in fission yeast: suppression analysis links the Dna2-Cdc24 complex to DNA polymerase delta. Nucleic Acids Res32, 6367-6377.

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