Required for initiation and elongation steps of DNA replication. May be part of Mcm2-7 helicase complex with GINS. Required after preRC step for loading of various proteins for initiation and elongation (1) eg pol alpha (2)




Sld4; SpSna41

Molecular weight

74 kDa (Sc); 63kDa xenopus (2)


Biochemical properties



NLS (3)

Protein interactions


• mcm2,3.and 5 as part of big complex. (4) , some dependence on  cdc7 phosphorylation (5)

•pole (6)

•rpa70 (6) (co-dependency for ori binding /interaction needs cdk activity).

•Dbp11 (7) (genetic) (for polymerase switching?)

•Sld3 (8) (genetic)

•GINS and MCMs as complex (9)



 •Pol alpha (10)



•GINS and MCM complexes (as part of helicase at fork) (11) .



•GINS and MCM complexes (as part of helicase). (12)



•Orc2 - (13)

•Pola (14)

•pol delta and epsilon but not alpha/PCNA suggest cdc45/polepsilon complex interacts mcm7 (15)

•topbp1 (16)




•ubiquitylated for degradation (17)



Cellular location and expression


•Binds to pre-RC before CDK/DDK activation in low affinity mode, but more tightly after CDK/DDK activation (18) ( {Kanemaki 19) . Part of replication fork complex and required for elongation step of DNA replication (1) (9)

• nuclear throughout cell cycle (20) ,

•chromatin binding g1/s to late s/g2) (4)



•Binds to initiation in sequence that depends on first Sld3, then GINS and Cut5. DDK and CDK required for Cdc45 chromatin association (21)



• localises to sites of chorion amplification (22)



•nuclear g1/s till late s, then leaves nucleus (13)



Other comments


• suggested effect on silencing (23)



•Chromatin association inhibited by PP2A (24)



•several isoforms (14)

•causes massive decondensation of chromatin when targeted to a region by lac. Partly suppressed p21 (25)

•mouse knockout lethal (26)

•overexpressed tumour cells (27)

• checkpoint target (28)


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13 April 08



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