Component of Tof1(swi1/Tim)-Mrc1 (claspin)-Csm3(Swi3/Tipin) replication pausing checkpoint complex



 Sc -Csm3 /Sp-Swi3/mammals- tipin

Molecular weight

36.3 kDa (Sc)

Biochemical properties




Protein interactions


•Mcm7 (1)

•Tof1  stoichiometric / Mrc1 substoichiometric in hu block (1)

• Synthetic lethality pol a (1)

• in GINS complex (2)

• Peroxiredoxin prxd2 (oxygen scavenger) (3)



• SAP1 (needed for chromatin recruitment) (4)



• MCM (5) MCM7 (6)

• Tim (5) all through the cycle and co dependent for stability and localization (7) , (6)

• rpa (34kDa subunit) (3)

•cyclin E ( as substrate) (6)

• claspin (6)

• polymerase (6)





Cellular location and expression


•Part of replisome progression complex (2)



• levels rise throughout S (3)

• same loading kinetics as MCM7 (6)


Other comments


•Needed for RFB (8)

• 1 of 2 parallel pathways of sister chromatid cohesion (other is mrc1 ctf18 ctf8 and dcc1) (9)

• role in replication termination (10)



•Required for pausing at mating type locus (11) (12) (13)

• role in sister chromatid cohesion (14)



• needed for chk1 phosphorylation and nuclear accumulation claspin on replication stress (7)

• suggested role in stopping fork collapse (6) , (15)


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14 April 08



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