5’ flap endonuclease and helicase involved in processing Okazaki fragments





Molecular weight







Biochemical properties


• Helicase/DNA dependent ATPase/exonuclease (1)   

•Helicase 5’ to 3’ (2) stimulated by RNA at the end of the DNA.



•helicase reported less active than yeast in vitro (3)




Protein interactions


• Fen1 (1)

• Tor (genetic ) (4)

• Ctf4 (genetic) (5) DNA2 partly degraded in cells lacking ctf4.

•Rpa (genetic) (6) and direct (7)



• Cdc24 genetic (8)







Cellular location and expression


Other comments


•Associates with telomeres via sir3 (9)

•some effect on lifespan (10)




•can complement yeast mutant (3)





•Human homologues (11) (12)



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13 April 08



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