GINS (Go-Ichi-Ni-San; 5,1,2,3)

Tetrameric complex composed of Sld5, Psf1, Psf2, Psf3


Associates with pre-replicative complex around the time of initiation and moves with replication forks during elongation step.

Required for elongation stage of DNA replication and maybe part of the Mcm helicase complex. (1) (2) (3) (4)




•Cdc101 (Psf1), Cdc102 (Psf2), Cdc103 (Psf3)

Cdc105 (Sld5)


Molecular weight

•ScPsf1 34 kDa, ScPsf2 24 kDa, ScPsf3 25 kDa, ScSld5 22 kDa

Biochemical properties


• cofactor pol epsilon (5) ****



Protein interactions

•Mcm2-7 Sc (6) Dm (4) Xl (2) need species



•dbp11 Synthetic lethality (1)


•Big  ‘replisome progression complex’ containing Mcm2-7, Cdc45, Tof1, Csm3, Spt16/Pob3, FACT, all 4 core histones, Mrc1, Ctf4, Mcm10 and TopoI (6)

•Sld3 (1)



•survivin (genetic) (7)



•Cdc45/MCM2-7 as potential helicase (4)



• PSF1 (8)

• polymerase alpha (stmulates polymerae but nt primase (9)



•mcm helicase (10) , (11)




• X-ray (12) , (13) (c terminal Psf1 removed to get crystallization, (14) , (15)



Cellular location and expression


•Bound to chromatin only during S phase




•Bound to chromatin only during S phase



• expression patterns after serum stimulation (16)


Other comments


•Dpb11 and Sld3 required for GINS chromatin association (1)

•Cdc45 weakly associates with origins in advance of GINS binding but GINS is required for ‘tight’ Cdc45 association (3)

•Psf3 has extra n terminal extension (1)

•Bud dynamics normal (17) or odd (1)



•Functions downstream of Pre-RC formation, and Sld3 chromatin association. Required for chromatin association of Drc1, Cdc45 and pol epsilon ( gives order of loading reative to sld2 sld3 and cdc45 (18) , (16)

•Psf2 overexpression suppresses bir1/cut17 chromosome segregation defects (7)



•Cut5 (probable Dpb11 homologue) required for GINS chromatin association  (2)

•May function as DNA helicase (‘unwindosome’) complex with Mcm2-7 and Cdc45 (19)

•EM studies of Xenopus GINS suggest ring-like structure (2)

•Co-dependency binding cdc45 (2)

•Role eye development for psf2 (20)


•May function as DNA helicase (CMG complex with Mcm2-7 and Cdc45 (4) –this was done with purified proteins



• upregulated in liver cancer (21)


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13 July 09



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