Progression of s phase. Also nucleolar protein implicated in rRNA processing and ribosome (60S) biogenesis - suggested link of replication to rDNA transcription?



ScYph1; pescadillo (higher organisms)

Molecular weight

Mouse – 68kDa

SC 68 (88 with polyribosomes) (1)

Biochemical properties



•Brct / 2 acidic clusters in n terminus/sumo attachment site (2)


Protein interactions


•Orc direct (and lots of others in big complex) (1)

•Rrb1 (3)



•T-ag/irs1 (4)



•SUMO (2) but not in yeast (1)



Cellular location and expression





•interphase  - nucleolar

mitosis – periphery of metaphase chromosomes

anaphase – nucleolus derived foci and prenucleolar bodies (5)

Other comments

•Mouse knockout lethal pre implantation (5)

•Knockdown cause chromosome segregation defects (3)

•Overexpression increases cell transformation (4)

•Zebra fish mutant small as proliferation down


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13 April 08



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