DNA helicase (5’-3’) that  may help  to promote replisome progression in some regions of the genome such as the rRNA genes. Related to Rrm3.





Molecular weight

98 kDa

Biochemical properties

DNA helicase prefers to unwind RNA:DNA hybrids than DNA:DNA (1)



Protein interactions


•Cac1 (2)

•recQ (sgs1) suppresses (3)



•Telomerase (4)






Cellular location and expression


Other comments


• Suggested role in rDNA replication –less recombination (popped out circles) if lost (5) opposing effect to rrm3

• role in telomere maintenance and (2) reduces processivity of telomerase (6)

•Suggested role with DNA2 in okazaki fragment synthesis (7)



 • Essential, post initiation defect in DNA replication? Suggest some role in replication (8)


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15 April 08



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