DNA helicase (5’-3’) that  may help  to promote replisome progression in some regions of the genome such as the rRNA genes. Related to Pif1.




Molecular weight

82 kDa (Sc)

Biochemical properties




Protein interactions


•Pcna (1)

•Pole on chromosomes (2)

•DNA2 Synthetic lethal (3)






Cellular location and expression


•possible role in rDNA replication more recombination ( popped out ribosomal circles) if lost (4) (opposing effect to pif )

•Suggested to help Mcm2-7helicase pass rDNA region (5)

•More pause sites in telomeres if k/o (6)

• role in replication tRNA genes and mating type loci (needed in regions of odd structure?) (7)

•Mutants accumulate at pause sites but not origins (8)

•Not essential but is in mrc1 mutant cells (9)

•Suggested to move with replication fork and affect general replication all chromosomes (2)


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14 April 08



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