Functions in initiation of replication. Key substrate of CDK, phosphorylation promotes interaction with Dpb11, required for initiation of replication in S. cerevisiae  (1) (2)



•DRC1 (SC) (3)

•SpDrc1 Noguchi cb 12 599 (2);

•RecQ4/RecQL4 in vertebrates may be orthologue as it has some homology but also has additional recQ related domains (4) (5)

Molecular weight


Biochemical properties




•Cdk sites (6) (7)

• dephosphorylated by cdc14 (8)


•Cdc2 sites


Protein interactions


•Dpb11 (3) (9) (direct) (6) (1) (2)  



•Cdc13/cig2 (10)

•Cut5 through BRCT domains (10)



•Cut5  (5)


•Phosphorylation (6) (1) (2)




Cellular location and expression


Other comments


• order loading relative to GINS, sld3 cdc45 (11)



•Associates with chromatin after pre-RC formation. Required for chromatin association of replicative DNA polymerases (4) (5)

•essential for replication in extracts (4)



• recQ4 involved in Rothmann-Thompson syndrome (4)

• possible involvement in repair (12)

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13 April 08



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