Functions in initiation of replication. Key substrate of CDK, phosphorylation promotes interaction with Dpb11, required for initiation of replication in S. cerevisiae (1) (2)

Higher eukaryotic orthologue not identified.





Molecular weight

77 kDa (Sc)

Biochemical properties




Protein interactions


•Cdc45 genetic and 2 hybrid, (3)

•Dbp11  needed for Dbp11 chromatin binding (3) (1) helped by cdc45 (2)

•Mcm2-7 (4)

•GINS (5)



•Cdc45 – (6)


•Phosphorylation (CDK), 12 sites but 2 seem more important (6) (1) (2)



Cellular location and expression


•Interacts with origins (3) and codependence for binding with cdc45 (6)

•Required for initiation but not present at replication forks (ie not required for elongation) (4)



•Binds prior to Cut5, Drc1, GINS and Cdc45 in step that is dependent on DDK but not CDK (7)


Other comments

•Higher eukaryotic orthologue not identified.

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13 April 08



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