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A Histone-Fold Complex and FANCM Form a Conserved DNA-Remodeling Complex to Maintain Genome Stability

Zhijiang Yan,Mathieu Delannoy,Chen Ling,Danielle Daee,Fekret Osman,Parameswary A. Muniandy,Xi Shen,Anneke B. Oostra,Hansen Du,Jurgen Steltenpool,Ti Lin,Beatrice Schuster,Chantal Décaillet,Andrzej Stasiak,Alicja Z. Stasiak,Stacie Stone,Maureen E. Hoatlin,Detlev Schindler,Christopher L. Woodcock,Hans Joenje,Ranjan Sen,Johan P. de Winter,Lei Li,Michael M. Seidman,Matthew C. Whitby,Kyungjae Myung,Angelos Constantinou,Weidong Wang

Molecular Cell, Volume 37, Issue 6, 865-878, 26 March 2010
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